Saturday, 10 March 2018

Amanda Jackson Band in CBC Searchlight Top 10!

It's been a couple of days since the announcement and we're still not sure if it's fully sunk in yet! We've said it before but here it is again with every bit as much meaning as anytime before, thank you. Thank you for being the most amazing support network and for seeing us through to the Top 10

Your job is now done, there is no more voting and the CBC producers have handed over the final decision to three prestigious judges. Read all about them here. It's such an honour to have our music in the ears and hands of these individuals. The winner will be announced on Monday, March 19th at 12:00pm AT on Q!

Until then, much love to you!
Amanda, Dale, Todd, Reg and Jon

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

CBC Searchlight Highlights AJB as a Standout of Top 100 - Last Day to Vote!

Good morning everyone! It's been one wild ride the last few weeks and here we are on the final day of public voting for the CBC Searchlight contest! Thank you for every listen, every vote and every share. We have witnessed so much passion and support from our incredible fan base (YOU) over the last few weeks and it's been incredibly humbling and heartwarming. There is only one day left to vote so if you have it in you, please hit that vote button one more time, tell a friend and if they like what they hear, have them press it too! We would so love to represent PEI in the Top 10! It's all in the judges hands after that :-) 

We were so honoured to hear that the CBC Music Searchlight producers identified us as one of the standouts from the Top 100 and especially loved that they included a note about our fans voting and singing along... because truly, we wouldn't even be in the contest if it wasn't for you! Read the full list of standouts here.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Amanda Jackson Band voted to the Top 100 for CBC Searchlight!

We are at a loss for words to express how honoured we are to have such an incredible support network out there. The CBC Searchlight contest was structured quite differently this year in that there was no regional competition level (meaning there was no guarantee that our little province would have representation in the next round) and the first round saw a drastic cut from the over 2000 long list entries down to the current short list of 100 entries. Of those 100 entries, 50 were fan voted and 50 were selected by the judging panel. YOU, our family, friends and fans moved mountains for us and we are so overwhelmed with gratitude to you all for taking the time to vote for us, whether it was once, twice or every day! 

This next round will see the Top 100 drop to the Top 10 and this is the last round that includes and  fan voting. Voting is open now and will remain open until Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 3:59pm AT. If you have a moment each day, please click here and cast a vote our way, we are forever grateful! While you're on the site be sure to take the time to check out the other entries, there is an incredible wealth of "hidden" talent all across this country. We would also like to congratulate Danny Drouin for being selected by the judges to be part of the Top 100, go PEI!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Dance Into the Light - Official Video Debut

Can music unite? Can our troubled world find solace in the tradition of gathering around the fire and sharing a song? Is this a dream? One person's vision of a future that could be?

Find your path through the darkness and join the fireside festivities. It's your time to Dance Into the Light.

Directed and filmed by award-winning John Hopkins of Square Deal Productions Atlantic Inc. Click here to view the video debut of Dance Into the Light!

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

CBC Searchlight - Help us make the top 100!

Hello everyone, we need your help! We have taken the opportunity to submit a song from Fire in the Blue to the CBC Searchlight contest this year. The contest provides us with a unique opportunity to have our song and album heard across Canada (especially if we make it past round 1.) Round 1 voting is open until Wednesday, February 28th, 2018 until 4pm AT! If you have a moment each day, please click the link below, create a log in and if you feel inclined, we would love if you would cast a daily vote our way!

Thank you for your incredible support :-)


Amanda, Dale, Todd, Reggie and Jon