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The Amanda Jackson Band grew out of friendship and that clearly remains the heart of the band. You can always feel the connection among the band members, whether seeing them at one of their sold out shows or listening to their debut live album. But the connection doesn’t stop there. The band is also profoundly connected to their lyrics — which often have an element of social awareness — and also to their fans. When you see the Amanda Jackson Band in concert you get a very intimate and uplifting experience where you can feel the bands love for each other, their music and the audience. The band creates music that feeds the soul and lifts the heart.

Each band member brings a wealth of experience from different genres of music, resulting in a perfectly eclectic joining of deep lyrics, pitch perfect musical execution and powerful vocals. Through their songs, the Amanda Jackson Band takes you on an emotional journey that is guaranteed to include laughter, tears and an appreciation that you were able to go along for the ride. In February 2016 they released a live album, Live at Harmony House. The popular live album was followed up by their much anticipated studio debut, Fire in the Blue, in July 2017. The album won the 2018 Music PEI Award for Urban recording of the year and garnered two additional nominations for Group Recording and New Artist of the Year. The band has recently attracted national attention through the CBC Searchlight contest as they were voted in as one of the Top 10 finalists as well as highlighted as one of the twelve standouts of the Top 100.

Amanda Jackson believes that music is magic and one of the most powerful mediums we can use to touch each other, to help each other heal and to bring us all together. This belief comes across not only in the lyrics but also in the emotion and power of her voice. Music runs deep on both sides of her family and Amanda doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing or when music wasn’t an important part of her life. Finding a love of blues at the age of twelve, Amanda is heavily influenced by the vocal stylings of KD Lang, Karen Carpenter, Barbara Streisand, Billy Holiday and Janis Joplin. As the former lead singer for Bad Habits and Waterman Blues Band, Amanda made every song her own and is now finding great joy in bringing her lyrics and melodies, composed on her old piano, to life with her band.

A founding member of the former award-winning blues band Bad Habits, Dale McKie wows audiences whether he’s wailing on the guitar or killing it on harmonica. He has made guest appearances playing with blues legends such as Big Dave McLean, Doc MacLean and Juno winning blues band Monkey Junk, among others. Dale also infuses his passion for music and lyrics in his song-writing, along with the graphic design work he does for the band. An integral part of the Amanda Jackson Band on all fronts, Dale is regarded as Amanda’s right-hand man.

As a highly sought-after multi-instrumentalist, Todd MacLean specializes in alto saxophone, piano and guitar. He comes from a long line of musicians, and his great grandfather, fiddler Lem Jay, was the first recipient of the ECMA Stompin' Tom Award. A multiple Music PEI Award winner himself, Todd is a former member of the ECMA-winning group English Words, and was named Musician of the Year at the 2011 Music PEI Awards. Todd plays with a joy and abandonment not often seen, regardless of the instrument he is playing, and is excited to be able to showcase his amazing song-writing talent.

Reggie Ballagh, Prairie boy turned Islander, has been part of the East coast music scene for the past thirty some years. He has recorded and toured with the likes of Catherine MacLellan, Scott Parsons, Rhythm Rules, Chas Guay, Meaghan Blanchard and Got Blues to name a few. Playing with the Amanda Jackson Band, Reggie gets to share his love of music with a group of like-minded souls and collective musical family, where he creates the heartbeat of each song.

Jon Rehder played bass in Montreal for over two decades, then moved to PEI in 1996 where he started writing songs and performing, playing guitar and piano while still working as a bass player. He’s played with too many great musicians to list! He instantly felt a musical and personal connection with the members of the Amanda Jackson Band and has fit in seamlessly with their style and compliments their energetic stage presence. 

Since first forming in February 2014, Amanda Jackson Band has performed as both the full five-piece band as well as the original trio. They’ve shared their music on such stages as Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival, Dutch Mason Blues Festival, Rock the Boat Festival and the Watermark Theatre Classic Music Reignited series. In October 2017, the trio had the prestigious opportunity to open for the legendary Buffy Sainte-Marie. They also played host to the successful Amanda Jackson Band & Friends Concert Series at the historic Haviland Club which featured favourite East Coast artists including Erin Costelo, Ross Neilsen, Nudie and many more.

Reviews and Quotes

"Jackson's rich and emotive voice is going to stand out in any setting, and wisely the band lets her shine." - Bob Mersereau
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"Amazing song and group!!! I have loved Amanda's powerful singing and these super-talented band members for years! Truly one of the best Canadian female vocalists on the go! Really honoured that they would invite me to make their first music video." - John Hopkins, Square Deal ProductionsAtlantic Inc. - Award Winning Director

"A beautiful sonic experience, that mixes tone with imagination, and takes the listener on a musical journey into the human heart." - Terry Parsons CHMR 93.5 FM

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